Monday, April 1, 2013

Paris & Ethan--Viking Longship Ambush

We wanted to make a longship but we only had one hull piece, so we improvised and made our own hulls.  Vikings sailed on longships to raid other towns and usually held a around thirty warriors, but ours is much smaller. We at least had the basic concept down, and longships did come in different sizes. In this creation the lone viking on the ship is confronted by a shark warrior, which was solely Ethan's idea, and we both worked on the ship together. If you're wondering why the viking isn't wearing a horned helmet, the answer is two reasons: 1) we don't have any horned LEGO helmets, and 2) Real vikings never actually had horns on their helmets because it would have slowed them down in battle or prevent them from running through doorways.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

PJ's creation--The Attack on Weathertop (MOC)

This is yet another LEGO interpretation of a popular scene from on of JRR Tolkien's stories. This is my depiction of the Weathertop scene from Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo Baggins, Peregrine Took, Merry Brandybuck, Sam Gamgee, and a mysterious Ranger called Strider stop to rest at the ruins of an old outpost and run into the Ring-Wraiths. This was my depiction of the scene from what I read in the book and not from what I saw in the movie, so my biggest challenge was capturing the characters in minifigure form without using the pre-made ones from the Lord of the Rings sets.

The hill is overgrown and shrouded in plants; you can barely see the remnants of a building.

Frodo is straining not to put on the ring while the Ring-Wraith (All black figure) approaches him.

But thankfully Strider rushes to the rescue with a flaming brand of wood. Forgive me for Strider being bald, because we don't have any hoods and I couldn't find any hair that looked like it should be on a Ranger's head.


Ethan's Creation--Fruit Vendor Cart

I got this idea off of the LEGO Harry Potter sets, like on the Hogwarts Express where there's the lady pushing the candy trolley.  The wheels are just four small wheel rims without the tires that allow it to roll around. It has coffee mugs for serving beverages to customers.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

PJ's Creation--Dragon Attack

This is a small LEGO display that I made about a Wyvern (legless dragon) that's attacking a guard outpost somewhere outside of the castle. It has a small house, and the dragon has already set much of the foliage on fire.

I just used three knights from the many LEGO Kingdoms sets that we have as the guards scrambling to defend the outpost from the evil wyvern

The house has a chimney inserted into the side thanks to a 2x3 inveted slope.

The top of the guardhouse opens by a hinge brick in the back. The cottage has aa fireplace inside, and brown tiles keep the roof from catching on some studs.

It took tons of experimenting to build the dragon, especially the wings. You can pose the head and open and close the wings. I think it's probably a milestone for me as a LEGO fan and builder.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

PJ's Creation--Sea Monster Fight

 I was really wanting to make a kind of sea monster or kraken for maybe a viking or pirate theme, and this was the outcome. The dude trying to slay it is probably a really brave adventurer, and the sea monster is really pale and blind from lurking in the deepest depths of the ocean.
The boat is just a slight modification of Gollum's little raft from the Riddles for the Ring LEGO set

The water is made from two blue plates that overlap on each other.

The half-surfaced monster is made with a sequence of clip/bar hinges that allow for vertical poseability. Headlight bricks are what hold the spikes protruding out from the side, giving the monster a sleek but deadly look of speed in the water.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ethan's Creation: Flying Car V.2.

This is the second flying car that I made, and it's alot smaller than my other flying Jeep and only fits one minifigure. The doors are smaller but they still open.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

PJ's Creation--Restoring The Lost Kingdom

This is definitely a MOC that tells a story, as I like to do in many LEGO creations. The main reasons for me wanting to make a scene about these people coming back to restore their ruined town is because of a lack of bricks and because I thought it would make an interesting, story-telling display. Ethan didn't have a creation ready for this week so I published this

The people of this town have returned to reclaim their city, and this is the aqueduct they built...

The town was left in ruins after an army of goblins invaded and took the town and all of the hidden treasure for their own, but the people have driven them out and have come back to rebuild their lost Kingdom. 

The town may be starting new, but that doesn't mean that making supplies is a necessity to be delayed. The forges are at work almost immediately.
Above all things, the main gatehouse survived for the most part, and it was a n icon of the town before it was attacked.

These two guards were sent to dig up the treasure that the people had hidden during the battle to keep safe from the goblins. But apparently, not everyone is willing to carry their own weight...


Feel free to discuss in the comments, thanks