Sunday, February 24, 2013

PJ's Creation--Dragon Attack

This is a small LEGO display that I made about a Wyvern (legless dragon) that's attacking a guard outpost somewhere outside of the castle. It has a small house, and the dragon has already set much of the foliage on fire.

I just used three knights from the many LEGO Kingdoms sets that we have as the guards scrambling to defend the outpost from the evil wyvern

The house has a chimney inserted into the side thanks to a 2x3 inveted slope.

The top of the guardhouse opens by a hinge brick in the back. The cottage has aa fireplace inside, and brown tiles keep the roof from catching on some studs.

It took tons of experimenting to build the dragon, especially the wings. You can pose the head and open and close the wings. I think it's probably a milestone for me as a LEGO fan and builder.


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