Saturday, February 9, 2013

PJ's Creation--Restoring The Lost Kingdom

This is definitely a MOC that tells a story, as I like to do in many LEGO creations. The main reasons for me wanting to make a scene about these people coming back to restore their ruined town is because of a lack of bricks and because I thought it would make an interesting, story-telling display. Ethan didn't have a creation ready for this week so I published this

The people of this town have returned to reclaim their city, and this is the aqueduct they built...

The town was left in ruins after an army of goblins invaded and took the town and all of the hidden treasure for their own, but the people have driven them out and have come back to rebuild their lost Kingdom. 

The town may be starting new, but that doesn't mean that making supplies is a necessity to be delayed. The forges are at work almost immediately.
Above all things, the main gatehouse survived for the most part, and it was a n icon of the town before it was attacked.

These two guards were sent to dig up the treasure that the people had hidden during the battle to keep safe from the goblins. But apparently, not everyone is willing to carry their own weight...


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