Monday, April 1, 2013

Paris & Ethan--Viking Longship Ambush

We wanted to make a longship but we only had one hull piece, so we improvised and made our own hulls.  Vikings sailed on longships to raid other towns and usually held a around thirty warriors, but ours is much smaller. We at least had the basic concept down, and longships did come in different sizes. In this creation the lone viking on the ship is confronted by a shark warrior, which was solely Ethan's idea, and we both worked on the ship together. If you're wondering why the viking isn't wearing a horned helmet, the answer is two reasons: 1) we don't have any horned LEGO helmets, and 2) Real vikings never actually had horns on their helmets because it would have slowed them down in battle or prevent them from running through doorways.

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