Saturday, January 26, 2013

PJ's creation--The Hobbit: Trollshaw Forest

 So I wanted to start this off with my entry to the LEGO Hobbit building contest. The challenge was to interpret the Trollshaw Forest scene, when Bilbo and the Dwarves get into quite the sticky situation with a trio of trolls, and build it. I didn't have any trolls from the Lord of the Rings or Castle sets, so I tried my hand at making my own. I tried to make it look like how I imagined it from reading the book, and it's a really classic, widely known scene from Tolkien's beloved book.

Will Bilbo get caught by the trolls as he tries to free the dwarves? Thankfully, Gandalf tricks the monsters into arguing all night and they turn into solid stone, letting the dwarves escape!

The troll's arms are connected to a car axle, giving it posability. 

I enjoy creating MOCs that tell a story, such as this one, which is a favorite of mine.

Feel Free to discuss this in the comments!

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